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It takes a man to raise a man

May 30th, 2013 by Vader

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May 30th, 2013 15:21:54

Ask a Liberal Mormon
May 30, 2013

Hating on single mothers again, I see.

May 30, 2013

Having been conceived by a colony of submicroscopic organisms, and raised alone by my mother, I’m not really the one to be accused of hating on single mothers.

I do, however, appreciate why their job is so hard.

There are substitutes. Obiwan was like a father to me, at least until he conspired with my wife to try to kill me. That can be hard on a friendship.

May 31, 2013

In a related note, consider the fuss over a gender-bending childs cartoon. http://io9.com/gender-swapping-superheros-creator-responds-to-right-w-510526967

If the article drips with hostility and smug condescension, then it is nothing to the comments. There is a genuine hostility and persecution complex to men being men and women being women.

I see enough of this hostility, it will be war. There is just too much hostility.

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