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Lunar Penitence

May 09th, 2013 by Adam G.

This is one of the most horrifying pieces of fiction I’ve read.

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May 09th, 2013 09:45:01

May 9, 2013

‘Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.’

Indeed. Deeply disturbing.

Adam G.
May 9, 2013

Its the Lunar Sacrament of Conciliation post at http://www.scifiwright.com. Why the link doesn’t work beats me. His site used to accept referrals.

HTML cop
May 9, 2013

ag: you omitted the http:// prefix, therefore the WordPress software (as operating on the JrG server) parsed it as a sub-page one level lower on the JrG web site. Add the “http://” prefix to the link, and the problem with resolve itself.

IE: change

HTML cop
May 9, 2013

Well, blow me down. It parsed my unparsing, or re-delimited my undelimited example.

Just put the http:// thingamabob in front of the “www” dohickey.

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