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Boston Marathon, Chris Matthews, and sleaze journalism

April 16th, 2013 by Vader

My post yesterday could not have been better timed.    

In light of this, it seems worthwhile to remind you what I said yesterday:

The outrageous thing is that Matthews and SPLC think Aryan Brotherhood have anything to do with mainstream conservatism. And that would be outrageous even if Matthews had video clips of Aryan Brotherhood eating live babies on the steps of the Capitol and had Robert P. George on his show to solemnly pronounce the video authentic.

So I’m not altogether pleased here with Stacy McCain or his commenters. Focus, people. The problem is not that Aryan Brotherhood was slandered, which is technically true but uninteresting; it is that mainstream conservatism was slandered by associating it with Aryan Brotherhood.

What we know at this point is that two bombs went off (there can be no reasonable doubt it was bombs at this point), that three people are dead, that more are likely to die (based on reports of the number of critically injured), that many have lost limbs (I can link an incredibly gruesome photograph of one such victim, but won’t), and that over a hundred have significant enough injuries that they’d quality for a Purple Heart if they were military in action against an enemy.

What we have heard, and seems plausible, is that the bombs were improvised (they produced copious white smoke, whereas most military and industrial explosives are sufficiently underoxidized to produce black smoke) and that the bombs were laced with ball bearings as shrapnel.

What we do not know, at this point, is who did it and why. We do not know. Rinse and repeat: WE DO NOT KNOW. All we know on that score is that the perpetrators are psychopaths — you have to be, to pull a stunt like this — and that they are not in a hurry to claim responsibility. We can reasonably speculate that they planned this well, but that remains only a reasonable speculation at this point.

So it is entirely possible this was done by Arab terrorists. It is also entirely possible, and a possibility that can’t be ignored in light of the date, that this was done by domestic right-wing terrorists.

The fecal matter coming out the wrong end of Matthews’ alimentary canal is that the Tea Party has anything to do with right-wing terrorism. And this will remain true, and remain an outrage, even if tomorrow the FBI produces security video of the bombs being put in place by bald white men wearing “Don’t Tread On Me” teeshirts.

Reichstag fire, anyone?

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April 16th, 2013 08:33:55

April 16, 2013

How dare you compare this Anglo-Saxon buffoon to the Reichstag fire? The collective organs of the German Volk did not casually slander the perpetrators of that outrage without any evidence. No, never, no! The impartial majesty of the people’s justice did not assign blame until after the evidence had all been fabricated, and it makes me frothing mad that you imply otherwise.

April 16, 2013

Ridiculous, Reichskanzler. Evidence is for intellectuals. Do you think it was evidence that got Socrates killed? No, it was rhetoric. And if it is good enough for Socrates, it is good enough for us.

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