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Metaphysical Annealing

April 09th, 2013 by G.

Reality is God’s way of saying ‘not yet.’

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April 09th, 2013 06:08:19

April 9, 2013

That part about local optimum versus global optimum is good. Mortality is very local. It can be hard to always keep that in mind.

April 12, 2013

I have long pondered why all of us, even Christ, must suffer. But this makes it much more clear.

But instead of metals, I would refer to muscles. If you want to build up muscle, you must first break it down, wear it out and exhaust it. All of us, are tied to this world and we need that struggle and pain to reform and change ourselves in the way that our Father commands of us. It isn’t enough to just take steroids and gently warm up. You have to rip that muscle up, and that invariably means pain.

CS Lewis was right. The question isn’t why some Christians suffer, but why some do not.

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