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It has begun.

April 08th, 2013 by Bookslinger

Asking children too early to declare their sexual orientation.

I’m not a child psychologist, but I do know enough to realize that children go through an asexual phase (not noticing or not understanding, or not caring about sexual differences), and then a homosexual phase (that period when associating with same-sex friends is preferred and the opposite sex is “icky”).

As same sex marriage is becoming normalized, same sex couples are being presented as role models and examples to children via entertainment media and via curriculum in schools. Homosexual characters and actors have been open in the media for years. The rewriting of primary and secondary education curriculum to include homosexual individuals and same-sex couples has already begun in states that have legalized SSM. There are homosexual teachers at all levels who are now open about it.

What kind of confusion and erroneous decision-making is going to result when such examples and role models are presented to children in their homosexual phase of normal development?

I believe that not all homosexuals are born with an homosexual orientation. I base that on many people I have known. I believe that some, I don’t know what portion they constitute of the whole, were guided, pushed, enticed, or groomed into a homosexual lifestyle.

I was informed by one associate who was familiar with former prison inmates, that some people who first engage in homosexual acts in prison, continue doing so after being released, even though they had no homosexual attraction prior to going to prison. The subject was also dealt with in at least one Law and Order episode. Prison sex itself, at least on the part of the dominant parties, illustrates that homosexual acts can be a choice.

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