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You Can’t Go Back

January 31st, 2013 by G.

Places long unseen often loom larger in memory than they really are. That haystack on the old farm . . . that green lane . . . that high fence in the back yard and the tree we climbed to look over it – surely they were an important part of the universe. And the old house had yawning caves in the closets, and untold mysteries in that deep cellar and up in that beckoning yet forbidding attic. Why, that house couldn’t have been as small as now it seems.

I remember these things, and they were real, and and they are real now where I keep them in remembrance.

But we can’t go back.

Thus Richard L. Evans.

I have hopes that in another world you can go back again. If so, the future is the surest and only route to the past.

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January 31st, 2013 13:31:10
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January 31, 2013

I would suppose so. As Heavenly Father, from His standpoint in a higher realm/dimension, can see the past of this planet/galaxy/universe, one might assume that the same vantage point allows Him to view His own eternal existence in like manner.

Excuse me for repeating, but I’ve always been interested in the scripture passages that describe the clestialized Earth as a giant Urim and Thummim with which to view “inferior kingdoms”, and the white stones that members of the Church of the Firstborn will receive that will be used to view superior kingdoms. If those devices can view across dimensions of space, it makes me imagine that they can also view across the dimension of time.

As to why separate devices are needed with separate functions, I would suppose that it is because the three degrees of inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom have different levels of privilege. As only the highest degree will go on to exaltation, they are the only ones to get the individual devices that view the higher levels. The lesser two degrees, which have no increase or progression, only get to see where they have been, or what they have surpassed, the “inferior” kingdoms; the present mortal and fallen earth being an “inferior” kingdom to the future celestialized Earth.

For the lower two levels to see what they are missing out on in higher future worlds, where they will never go, would likely cause a degree of sadness.

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