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Citizens are Armed

December 31st, 2012 by G.

I’m not up on all the gun rights arguments, and some of them that I am up on I think are wrong.

For instance, I believe that lowering gun ownership probably would lower suicide rates, since I believe that a number of suicides are impulsive acts.

But I still favor broad gun rights. Because I am an American and a free man. The right to bear arms was traditionally the perquisite of nobility. I do not concede that any American has better blood than I.

Force is the ultimate argument of kings, and where no king rules, this ultimate argument must be in the hands of the sovereign people.

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December 31st, 2012 11:35:56

John Mansfield
January 2, 2013

Two-thirds of homicides in the U.S. are by firearm. (link) Without firearms available, some killers would change weapons and others would make do without killing anyone. I’m guessing the split would be roughly 50/50, and there would be a third less homicide. Considering the justified homicides however (stopping someone committing a felony), guns are the weapon of nearly all police and four-fifths of private citizens.

January 2, 2013

JM, You miss three important points.

1. look at the stats on rifles and shotguns (long guns) versus handguns. Most firearm homicides are with handguns, very few with long guns. Banning any types of rifles will do extremely little to the stats. The anti gun folk know they have to go after handguns.

2. Legal use of a firearm to prevent a homicide rarely involves shooting it, and even more rarely requires the death of the agressor. The mere presence or showing of it deters. The abscence of that deterrent will increase murders and maimings of innocents (by both illegal use of firearms and illegal use of other weapons sich as knives and fists and feet) much more than the decrease of murders by firearm.

3. The 2/3rds figure on homicide lumps in justifiable killings of agressors by a defender. Those stats don’t distinguish justifiable homicide from murder.

And I’m not convinced that suicides were not included in the homicide figure either.

Other factoids: Most, like 90%,of homicides in the US are among blacks and hispanics. The homicide rate of caucasians in the US is only about 10% of the stated national figure. Most of the homicides in “gun free” Britain are among caucasians.

The British homicide rate for caucasians is GREATER than the homicide rate among caucasians in the US ! A caucasian has a GREATER probability of getting murdered in England than in America! They just use more fists, feet, knives, and broken beer bottles!

Therefore, If gun control works so well, why then doesn’t it seem to work among caucasians?

Last I checked, the murder rate of caucasians in Canada was also greater than the murder rate of caucasians in the US.

January 3, 2013

link about hammers and clubs used to kill more than rifles.


still looking for hands and feet stats.

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