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At Last Our Eyes Shall See Him–Through Time Travel!

December 27th, 2012 by G.

Stupendous science-fiction author John C. Wright has written a free time-traveling Christmas story based on Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas. Here are two excerpts, to give you the flavor:

It was a little ways outside the town. We just stepped through a low spot in the toppled wall, where the growing grass had already made a green path like a stile. He pointed at a cave.

“I am looking for a stable,” I said. “A stable with a baby in the manger! And a big honking star sitting right on top of it! Where three kings of Orient are. Maybe a little drummer boy, too.”

He said to me, “Lost lamb, if you were the only man alive, the only one who had ever sinned, and every other Son of Adam had remained pure and upright, it would all have been done for you. For you the child was born. For you he lives and dies. For you.”

The story is funny, beautiful, moving, and, with due allowances for the occasional Catholic flourish, wise and true.

I spent Christmas reading Wright’s new book, the Hermetic Millennia, along with Tom Simon’s long-awaited End of Earth and Sky. I recommend both.

Here’s my little write-up on Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas, if you’re interested.

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December 27th, 2012 12:12:33

Adam G.
December 27, 2012

See also the Saga of Bethlehem:


December 27, 2012

Spot-on on Mr. Krueger’s Christmas. Thanks.

December 27, 2012

I have recently begun to think that the celestialized Earth, like a sea of glass, used as a giant Urim-and-Thummim to view lesser kingdoms will allow viewing across time as well as space. And if the celestialized Earth does not have the time-shift feature, the individual white stones, used as personal U-and-T’s, posessed by the Church of the Firstborn, just might.

December 28, 2012

I have only skimmed it but it looks like a gem. Thanks for pointing it out.

December 28, 2012

Less Christmasy, perhaps, but also involving time travel and topics related to this thread, see Brandon Sanderson’s Legion. It was recently free on Audible. And my only complaint is that I wish it were longer.

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