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Manhood and Good Humor

November 02nd, 2012 by Vader

Not lightmindedness, but the ability to maintain a cheerful disposition even when this is difficult. 

Captain John Hoskins was on board USS Princeton as its prospective commanding officer, due to relieve Captain Buracker in a few days, when the light carrier was hit by a Japanese bomb which detonated stored munitions, doomed the carrier, and blew off Captain Hoskin’s foot.

Captain Hoskins had, of course, missed his chance — by a frustratingly few days — to command USS Princeton. And he had lost a foot. But John Hoskins was not the kind of man to be easily deterred. He was eventually fitted with an artificial foot and was expected, under the circumstances, to accept disability retirement as his lot. There had not been a “peg leg” captain in the Navy since the days when sail yielded to steam. But Hoskins petitioned the Navy to allow him to remain on active duty, and, when it was decided that one of the newly built aircraft carriers was to be named Princeton, Hoskins applied for her command. He insisted that he was “one foor ahead of the other applicants” and argued that he was better qualified for the assignment because, in the middle-of-the-night emergency, he could get to his battle station more rapidly than anyone else since he would already be wearing a sock and a shoe. His arguments may not have been convincing, but his spirit certainly was. John Hoskins was given command of the new USS Princeton.

–Thomas J. Cutler, The Battle of Leyte Gulf

You cannot but admire that kind of good cheer. For my part, I was a basket case after losing parts of all four limbs.

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November 02nd, 2012 15:28:07
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Adam G.
November 5, 2012


It speaks well of Mormon manhood that priesthood opening exercises is usually marked by low rumbles of laughter.

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