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The Reactivation of Brother F.

October 05th, 2012 by John Mansfield

Four years ago I started paying attention to a rock band from my home state fronted by someone who shares my religion. One of my favorite things I’ve written came out of that, “Nevada and the Killers.” Back then Brother Flowers was open about being a Mormon, but not a good one. He would drink and smoke and still say interesting things in interviews about the resurrection or God’s physical being, and name a son after a Book of Mormon missionary, born to a wife who converted to the church after meeting him. Timing-wise, he was obviously a prospective Elder, maybe a Teacher.

Since then, he did an “I’m a Mormon” ad celebrating his life as a husband, father, and Latter-day Saint. He stood his ground in front of a TV audience against Richard Dawkins attacking his belief in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s worth as a prophet. More recent interviews suggest that the Word of Wisdom issues are in the past. It’s been a peculiar thing to observe playing out with a public figure I don’t otherwise know, and heartening. I hope he’s taken his wife to the temple or soon will. Reactivation is an important implementation of the doctrine of repentance that I’ve been gratified to witness in the lives of several denizens of the Battle Born state who I do know personally. A ward without a number of men who have been gathered back and ordained Elders is missing something.

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October 05th, 2012 06:59:29

Adam G.
October 5, 2012

That is also one of my favorite posts of yours. This one too, though short, because it set me thinking on the reactivated men I know and cherish.

October 5, 2012

Almost every inactive Mormon has an inner Saint he’s only forgotten. You never know when or how he will turn back to the light.

Gives me some hope when I stumble.

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