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September 27th, 2012 by The Junior Ganymede

The Club of Rome is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.    

My own doubts came when DDT was introduced for civilian use. In Guyana, within two years it had almost eliminated malaria, but at the same time the birth rate had doubled. So my chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it has greatly added to the population problem. —Alexander King, cofounder of the Club of Rome, 1990

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September 27th, 2012 15:46:02

Adam G.
September 27, 2012

Also lacking an affiliation with the Club of Rome are Reason, Humanity, and, ah, an Absence of Condescension for Our Little Brown Brothers.

September 27, 2012

Apparently Mr. King believes that DDT targeted the wrong vermin. Perhaps he would find Xyklon B more effective for his preferred ends.

Reinhard Heydrich
September 27, 2012

DDT has the unfortunate property that it is far more toxic for arthropods than for mammals.

September 27, 2012

Population reduction is also the motive behind the banning of the refrigerant Freon. CFCs in the upper atmosphere breaking down into ozone-destroying chlorine is the manufactured crisis for which banning Freon is the solution. (A single volcanic eruption puts 500 times more chlorine into the upper atmosphere than a year’s worth of Freon use and leakage. Source: “Trashing the Planet” by Dixie Lee Ray.)

Not only is the replacement is more expensive, it is less efficient and corrosive (freon is basically inert), which requires more expensive machinery, shortens the lifespan of the unit, and requires higher maintenance costs.

All those factors lead to more expensive refrigeration, which will put it out of the reach of an additional billion people.

Refrigeration leads to better food hygiene, which leads to less foodborne illnesses and death. For every additional X people who go without refrigeration, Y of them will die.

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