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The Answer is No. The Question is Six.

August 28th, 2012 by John Mansfield

Maryland’s Secretary of State released ballot questions that will be voted on in November, and the referendum on the Civil Marriage Protection Act passed by the legislature earlier this year has been designated Question 6. We didn’t know until the wording of the question was released whether the correct response would be yes or no. That question number set me off on a Prisoner riff though.

A Patrick McGoohan stand-in declares, “I am not a number. I am a free man.” His wife walks in and takes his hand. “. . . OK, I’m a married man.” “And I’m a married woman,” she affirms. Number 2 and his partner Number 2A counter in unison, “You are married persons.” Then the big white balloon clobbers Mr. and Mrs. 6, and the ad ends with “Vote No on Question Number 6.”

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August 28th, 2012 07:50:26
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August 28, 2012


(Is “epic” the new “awesome”?)

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