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A Female Pastor on the Male Priesthood

July 31st, 2012 by G.

Not really, but this video on reviving a church by reviving its appeal to men may have some bearing on the LDS male priesthood. Worth thinking about anyway.

The LDS church isn’t intensely masculine but it does have gender-neutral chapels, perhaps even masculine in their stark functionality. It does have a male priesthood. And it does have active male participation, though not as much as we’d like.

We also have militant hymns. I’m in the middle of categorizing all our militant LDS hymns right now. The number is surprisingm, but most are familiar to me. When I was a boy, my dad sang them while we worked.

Any gospel that is a true gospel–any church that is a true church–has a place for men as men and women as women.

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July 31st, 2012 02:52:50

July 31, 2012

I used to hold the common (in the Church) belief that men had the priesthood because they need it to be more righteous or feel needed. But in my short lifetime, I’ve seen so many previously solid institutions jumping ship from their formerly rock-solid values. I’ve come to believe, based on observation, that an all-male priesthood is probably a pre-requisite for any church that doesn’t want to be carried away by every wind of doctrine or lame NBC sitcom. What some might deride as male stubbornness was once known as steadfastness. I love women. I even married one. But as a group, they aren’t as good as men at ignoring the siren song of trendiness.

With all that being said, the elevated importance of men in a Church with male priesthood undoubtedly helps retention of men. “Mandatory” missions for young men almost certainly play a huge role.

In fact, I wonder if we would see more young men fall away if every worthy young woman were told to go on a mission as well. Once it ceased to be identified with manly duty, it could lose some of its appeal. Not that it should, but we are talking about teenagers here.

August 1, 2012

“… they aren’t as good as men at ignoring the siren song of trendiness.”

Careful. One might use that line of thinking to deny women the vote and the right to hold political office.

As an aside, according to one study/survey, if you subtract out the votes by women in the 1992 presidential election, Clinton would not have won.

I don’t know if the survey/study was also done on Carter and Obama, though I imagine the same would hold true.

August 1, 2012

I agree that it’s very, very important to keep men engaged. One of the problems that arose out of Vatican II in the Catholic Church was the “feminization” of liturgical worship (speaking of the character and style of the worship itself, not, obviously, the priesthood, which remains exclusively male).

One result has been that the vast majority of people playing supportive roles in the liturgy (lectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers) are now women and girls. This in turn, I suspect, is one factor in the decline in vocations to the priesthood: Being a priest is now seen, by teenage boys, as almost an effeminate role; if not necessarily a role for the effeminate, at least a job in which one will have to work mostly with and among women, and therefore not a manly profession, as indeed the priesthood used to be perceived a mere 50 years ago or so.

August 1, 2012

This does bring up the very good question of why men have the priesthood. God himself has not felt worried about answering this, but I notice that when only the Levites had the priesthood, it was because at the sin of the Golden Calf, it was the Levites who were (relatively) obedient.

Likewise, while it has been pointed out, that men and women have the same average intelligence, as well as other traits, the distribution is certainly not the same. Men tend towards the ends of the spectrum, being either very good, or very bad with less in between than women.

Of course, if a woman challenges you on this, point out that there are more men in jail, homeless, mentally retarded, etc than women. Then point out, they can have either average equality, or differing distributions, but it will have to be one of those.

Michael Towns
June 20, 2014


Sounds like a fun character.

Bookslinger/Washington Redskins
June 20, 2014

Adam, care to share with us your list of militant hymns?

Moose Norseman
June 20, 2014

@ Michael Towns

Why, thank you!

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