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Yet another Death Ray.

July 01st, 2012 by Bookslinger

I thought we already had a death ray. But here’s another one.

Technically, it’s a “Laser-Induced Plasma Channel, or LIPC.”

Oh well. I suppose there is a strategic purpose for having more than one kind. Just as a fisherman has more than one rod-and-reel combination for going after different fish; a golfer’s choice of golf club depends on the distance to the hole and the type of terrain; and the hunter selects a rifle and ammunition combination based on the type of animal to be hunted.

I’d like to hear back from you married guys if the “a golfer needs more than one club” analogy works when your wife asks why you need another rod/reel or another gun.

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July 01st, 2012 19:43:36
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July 1, 2012

They’re all insignificant when set against the power of the Force.

I never tried the golf club analogy with Padme, mostly because (a) neither of us had ever heard of golf at the time, and (b) she actually thought I could never have enough blasters. But I think I used something similar when explaining to His Majesty why we needed another Death Star.

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