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Standing for freedom of speech

May 25th, 2012 by Vader

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May 25th, 2012 00:01:23

May 25, 2012

The server of that blog is having trouble keeping up. Another link which goes into sufficient detail, but not too much, is at Glenn Beck’s site:


Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years for the bombings, but only served 17. His parole was revoked once

Psychopaths like him should never be released to the public.

I don’t know which is more noteworthy on the national scale, a psychopathic/sociopathic bomber gets paroled, or the Left employs him as one of their attack dogs.

May 25, 2012

Oh, I moved to Speedway/Indianapolis in that time period, after the bombings, but before his trial.

The general feeling was that he was a mad dog who needed to be put down.

June 22, 2012

His web page is back up at infogalactic:


Interesting reading.

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