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The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

May 15th, 2012 by G.

is apparently an argumentum ad absurdum. Hetero Lenin observes the heightening of contradictions and approves.

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May 15th, 2012 18:29:48

May 16, 2012

Those statistics seem comforting in an odd way.

Adam G.
May 16, 2012

Agellius, in a way they are.

One of the reasonable fears of marriage defenders is that gay marriage would weaken the institution by saddling it with groups that would be much more likely to practice open marriage (homosexual men) or to divorce (homosexual women). While that appears to be true, the good news is that very few are getting married in the first place.

The other fear is that men, especially blue-collar men, avoid institutions that they percieve as gay. But if gays don’t get married, that won’t happen either.

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