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BFG-9000, meet the STFU-9000.

March 04th, 2012 by Bookslinger


As soon as I saw that headline, the acronyms immediately came to mind.   And I had recently watched Doom, staring Wayne Johnson, on DVD.

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March 04th, 2012 09:46:06

March 4, 2012

There’s got to be something to the idea of silencing a politician by throwing his own words back at him.

Adam G.
March 5, 2012

If this goes commercial, I would feel the future had amply compensated me for the lack of jetpacks and flying cars.

Pecos Bill
March 5, 2012

Tain’t nuthin’. My six-shooter shuts folks up infallible.

March 5, 2012

Indeed. I’m sure high-velocity lead pellets are even more effective at breaking a man’s concentration than having his own words echoed back at him.

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