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Homosexuality can be a choice.

January 24th, 2012 by Bookslinger

Over the past several years I’ve made several comments at various blogs that same-sex marriage (which is a very big step in the overall destigmatization of homosexuality) will lead to homosexuality becoming a socially acceptable choice.

Well, it has started sooner than I thought it would.  I refer you to recent statements by Cynthia Nixon, who, after a 15-year marriage to man, claims she chose to be gay.

Couple this with primary and secondary school textbooks being rewritten to contain positive homosexual characters, and arts and media presenting positive homosexual characters and role models.

I  invite you to connect the dots and extrapolate.

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January 24th, 2012 11:59:58

Adam G.
January 24, 2012

Even the strong ‘born this way’ types would probably agree that for women there is more choice in these matters then for men.

The take-away here is that our easy divorce regime is pretty psychologically damaging and tramautic for women as well as men.

January 24, 2012

Homosexuality is always a choice. It is same-sex attraction that may not always be chosen.

January 24, 2012

Yea, even an orientation which is choice above all other orientations?

February 6, 2012

Ms. Nixon now clarifies. She claims to be bisexual.

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