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Reflections on the Decline of Sexual Morality

December 12th, 2011 by G.

This essay by an Episcopalian (!) is a must read. Its too rich and touches too many themes to summarize. Read it.

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December 12th, 2011 14:28:47

December 12, 2011

Although he downplays the negative effects of gay marriage later on in his article, this tidbit:

The biological urges driving young people in particular but people in general toward extracurricular sexual activity are so strong that any relaxation of the moral and social barriers against such activity will have a predictable result.

illustrates a principle that will come into play with the first generation of children raised in a society where homosexual acts are not taboo.

Heterosexual adolescents who don’t have opportunity for opposite-sex partners (or who are first approached by a same-sex homosexual persuer who is more sexually experienced) will not have a social taboo against homosexual experimentation holding them back.

If there’s no opprobrium for a given conduct, there will always be those who will try it out, who otherwise would not have tried it.

If “there’s nothing wrong with it”, there is one less barrier to trying it out. Those who are boundary-pushers and natural explorers will be the first to experiment. Those who are later than their peers in developing their own sexuality (and therefore their sexual orientation too) will be presented choices and opportunities before their own sexual orientation has gelled.

Heaven help those adolescents who experiment with homosexual encounters prior to heterosexual ones. Because one’s first sexual experience has a great imprinting effect. Much like one’s first beer or alcoholic mixed drink often becomes one’s preferred beer or alcoholic mixed drink.

It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. It doesn’t have to happen to all teens who experiment with the same sex. It may be a small percentage at first. It may take several years for the statistics to become noticeable after the first cohort (raised in a no-homosexual-taboo society) becomes sexually active. I expect there to be several years of “margin creep” before the stats show a defined trend. But once one cohort starts it, the younger ones see it, and have more older role models showing them that “gay (experimentation) is okay.”

We already have role models in the media: Doogie Howser, Glee, Will and Grace, Rosie, Ellen. And what has been the trend so far? An increasing number of young people who self-identify as homosexual at an earlier and earlier age.

I also point to the oft-repeated question used to justify the idea that homosexuality is only in-born and not chosen: “Who would choose to be homosexual in this homophobic society?” Ok then, remove the “homophobia”, and then it does become acceptable to choose homosexuality.

John Mansfield
December 13, 2011

I was thinking just yesterday as I pulled into my driveway of the bond that comes from turning over thousands of dollars a month I earn to the woman who spends it on our family’s behalf.

We’re not the farmers of a century or two back. We’re more like the aristocrats of those times, and many of us have adopted their vices. We need to better study out what their virtues were that we’re falling short at carrying on.

July 22, 2013

You can speak of committing all manner of sexual acts and deviancy, but what really horrifies people, is abstinence, particularly that of a woman of the world.


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