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Women are Wicked and Selfish.

September 26th, 2011 by Man SL

The rallying cry of the pro-abortion people has always been that a woman has the right to choose, like a bloodthirsty medieval baron with the rights of high, middle, and low justice. If justice is what you want to call it.

Women are, of course, wicked and selfish, short-sighted and stupid, manipulable and morally impoverished. Just like men are, my biddies. So the results of letting women choose to kill their own children were always going to be predictably bad.

Women tend to kill women babies, for instance. Around the world the kill rates for little girls are higher than for little boys. And by “around the world” I mean in the US and Europe. Don’t even think about China or India or the Middle East.

The defenders of choice have always tried to keep women poorly informed about the choice, so that the baser angels of their nature would prevail (or failing that, their boyfriends’). Thus the opposition to waiting periods and informed consent laws. The temple guards of the sacred institution of choice are now also trying to prevent women from knowing the sex of their baby. The new abortion ideology is that no one should interfere with a woman’s right to choose–except abortion activists, feminists, lawyers, doctors, governments, and EU busybodies.

Women, it seems, were decreed by nature and the NGO to be kept ignorant, barefoot, and on the gurney.

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September 26th, 2011 10:30:14

Adam G.
September 27, 2011

Here’s an abortion activist denouncing informed consent laws and waiting periods.


What does it say about her commitment to choice that she wants the choice to be made in ignorance and impulse?

John Mansfield
September 27, 2011

In my county, a pro-abortion commissioner (former NOW chairwoman) got a law passed to impede facilities that don’t provide abortions from counseling pregnant women about their options. The federal court found it an unconstitutional restriction of speech. I hadn’t heard before of an unconstitutional pro-abortion law.


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