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“Allah’s pretty much a wuss, isn’t he?”

August 25th, 2011 by Vader

His Hehness reports that online Islamists are crowing that the East Coast earthquake was Allah’s wrath on America.  

I wouldn’t call that wrath. It’s an ominous clearing of His throat, at worst.

Still, His Hehness’s final snark cannot but remind me of the lines from 1776:

A second flood, a simple famine,
Plagues of locusts everywhere,
Or a cataclysmic earthquate,
I’d accept, wtih some despair.

But, no… You sent us Congress …
Good God, Sir, was that fair?

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August 25th, 2011 08:27:58

Adam G.
August 25, 2011

From the perils of Jersey Shore, preserve us.

August 25, 2011

The Lord will have to punish America soon, or else apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Pecos Bill
August 26, 2011

August 27, 2011

Reminds me of Pat Robertson condemning Haiti for a deal with the devil, and the Devil’s own response.


August 28, 2011

I think the Book of Mormon rather comes down on the side of Jeremiah Wright. The Lord promised all sorts of woes if the inhabitants of this land don’t serve him.

Today, the inhabitants of this land are a mixed bag. Some serve him, some attempt to, others ignore him, some unknowingly while others intentionally do things that tick him off.

I wonder what the tipping point is. I don’t know how God collectively judges a whole group of people (nor individuals for that matter), other than the scriptures that speak of a group being “ripe in iniquity”. I don’t know how the divine measuring stick is calibrated nor applied.

I haven’t listened to his entire sermon, but I did listen to his “God damn America” line in context. And I have to admit that when taken in context, it is strikingly similar to Leviticus 26, 2 Nephi 1:20, and Alma 45:15-16.

Jeremiah Wright merely called upon God to fulfill his scriptural promises.

This is not to say that every natural disaster or calamity is a punishment from God. The Lord causes his rain to fall upon both the wicked and the just.

Though modern day preachers and prophets have offered some well-reasoned and scripturally-supported speculation, the scriptures themselves are silent about the problem of innocent babies dieing in the Flood along with their wicked parents.

But using natural disasters (famine, drought, pestilence) for punishing a group for collective sins is straight out of the scriptures.

Raising up a group of “bad guys” (Assyrians, Babylonians, Lamanites) to physically attack (“scourge”) those who have turned their back on the Lord also has precedent in both Old World and New World scriptures.

It is not for us to judge the victims of natural disaster. But perhaps those who have the capacity to offer relief are being judged for their response.

August 28, 2011

I don’t know where the tipping point is, either.

But I’m convinced there’s no greater righteousness to be found on Earth than in North America. That’s a lament, not a boast.

I am reminded of Abraham and the three angels, and am comforted that there are probably more than five righteous men even in San Francisco.

Adam G.
August 29, 2011

If God does damn America, I very much doubt it will be for failing to adopt Mr. Wright’s racialist agenda of group grievance and ethnic assertion.

August 29, 2011

Still, even a blind nut finds an occasional squirrel. Or something like that.

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