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A memorandum from the Devil

August 25th, 2011 by Vader

On the subject of epistemology.   

I must say I am in doubt of its true venue. It sounds altogether too much like His Majesty, whereas my concept of the Devil leans rather more towards Dante’s.

Oh, I know. Mormon cultural perceptions do seem to lean more towards C.S. Lewis’ devil than Dante’s. Our leaders speak of Him as a cunning adversary, not the embodiment of beastliness. Our drama and literature seem to convey the same image. In defense of Dante, I point out that there is a place in Mormon perception for a Devil who is left sputtering and powerless when confronted with the name of Christ.

Anyway, the Devil of this memorandum speaks altogether too much truth, though the mingling with false insinuations towards the end of the piece is probably in character.

One of the more disturbing truths the Devil of this memorandum speaks has been spoken before, but not necessarily spoken better: We hunger for an Evaluator, and when we dispense with God as Evaluator, we find substitutes. History will condemn us. Gaia will condemn us. Or the space aliens will condemn us.

I prefer my religion straight up and properly aged (but not too long.)

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August 25th, 2011 08:51:53

Adam G.
August 25, 2011

The lower lord does not deal fairly with the proposition that goodness can be perceived as a fact. He was a liar of old.

August 25, 2011

A hit, a very palpable hit.

August 25, 2011

Likewise, I have noticed that in lieu of actual repentance, various forms of secular sin have been increasingly obsessed over. In particular, racism and sexism are more problems of yesterday and today they are just so much picking at scabs. Environmentalism, it is increasingly becoming clear, has nothing to do with Earth, at least among a very large segment.

I am certain there are other examples out there. We might find some source of sin, that we can find indignation about, that leaves us faultless or at least, distracted from real sins and faults.

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