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Steyn’s Latest Noir Thriller

August 08th, 2011 by Bertie

Whether its the tight plotting, the crisp murders, or the lavish clues I do not say, but the siren call of Steyn’s latest mystery thriller had young Bertie W. battling the many-headed throng around purveyors of fine detective novels everywhere to secure my own copy with a grip of steel and carry it out triumphantly over my head like whatsit after the battle of thingummy. The book is gripping stuff. The advance publicity was good, but the half was not told unto me.

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August 08th, 2011 09:28:12

Adam G.
August 8, 2011


It was us whodunnit.

Reverend Al Sharpton
August 8, 2011

Noir thriller?

You racist.

Man SL
August 8, 2011

Walter Mead brings the DOOM in a new and interesting way:

August 8, 2011

And now it’s His Hehness peeking at the club book.

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