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July 07th, 2011 by G.

This is the kind of emancipation that no one can gainsay.

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July 07th, 2011 10:53:35

July 7, 2011

Under the circumstances, emancipation via blunt instrument works for me.

Milton Waddams
July 7, 2011

Would a stapler count as a blunt instrument??

July 7, 2011

That was exceedingly manly-I can only hope to be so manly in the future.

What this makes me think of is our oft-criticized racial Priesthood ban. I do not think the blacks of today could have the freedoms they now do, if they were not first willing to stand up. Could they receive the Priesthood BEFORE they stood up, much as the Levites did at the Golden Calf incident? Was the Civil Rights movement a necessary precursor to ordination? I don’t know, but I think it is suggestive.

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