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Anti-Social Media

May 29th, 2011 by GST

Scott B. at BCC once asked me if Adam G. had a Facebook account. I said, “No. Of course not. What do you take him for?”

Notwithstanding the official position of the Junior Ganymede on social media, I signed up for a Twitter account. But there is a catch: like Ozzy refusing to go on stage until he gets his one thousand brown M&Ms in a brandy glass, I’m not posting anything on Twitter until 100 of you become my followers or acolytes or whatever the term is.

If you do so, here is my pledge to you: I promise not to bother you with items about chess like I do here, nor pictures of my kids, like I do on Facebook. It will be nothing but jokes, pure jokes, of the finest quality. So follow me @K6GST.

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May 29th, 2011 21:08:15
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May 30, 2011

At this rate you’ll be tweeting in about 5 weeks. i’m following.

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