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More Kids, Less Parenting

April 11th, 2011 by G.

I’m a big believer in the more kids, less parenting philosophy.

Not because I think parents don’t make a difference to kids. Parents do, especially spiritually. But because my childhood spent running around outside with my brothers and sisters and all the neighborhood kids was grand. Kids who don’t know the ancien regime don’t know what is douceur de le vie. Because growing up knowing you are a part of a family and subordinate to your parents prepares you much better for admission to the Harvard in the sky than growing up as a precious little snowflake.

Listen, God didn’t create this mortal experience solely for the purpose of keeping kids away from most of it.

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April 11th, 2011 16:40:18

April 20, 2011

When people I meet in person learn I have four children, they make the usual socially-required comments: that I look too young to have four children–which always makes me wonder what in the world they think a mother should look like–and that they express some socially- required shock because four is so many, how very busy I must be. I think they feel some obligation to say something to acknowledge my life has legitimacy without paid employment, lest I be offended.

When people ask how I do it, I say “badly.” I just hate all those boutique-baby assumptions. We’re all normal and cheerful and fine. Sometimes I feel badly that there’s only so much human effort in me where my children are concerned, like when I read Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s tribute to his mother.

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