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A World Worthy of A God

February 25th, 2011 by G.

When I read what we are discovering in the natural world, or the discoveries that are still just beyond our grasp, my soul sings to my soul that this is a creation worthy of a God.

There are many worthwhile professions for a saint, but I cannot think of one more full of worth than being an earnest physicist or astronomer piously working to declaim the poetry written by God in nature’s book.

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February 25th, 2011 12:25:20

February 25, 2011

I’ve often thought that white holes (sources) and black holes (sinks) somehow correlate to “the heavens and the earth” (a galaxy) “coming into being” and “passing away”. Many astrophysicists speculate that there is a black hole at the center of all galaxies.

There’s some kind symmetry in that, in the form of a cycle, as in “one eternal round”. It leads me to ponder the order of: planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, meta-verse, …

Kent G. Budge
February 25, 2011

I actually trained as an astronomer. Changed careers because it became clear that I would never support a family, or even have the opportunity to try, if I stuck with it.

Wish the world worked differently.

It is a creation worth of a God. Most of the astrophysicists I’ve known have insisted on refusing to see that, though there have been a few prominent exceptions.

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