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November 15th, 2010 by Mike Fink

I fixed the budget in less time than it takes me to shave a grizzly with a rusty knife. 10 seconds on a slow day.

I did it with my eyes closes, my hands dipped in molasses, and the keyboard under lock and key and fifty-feet of alligator-infested salt water. Fixing the budget is dead easy, if’n your name is Mike Fink.

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November 15th, 2010 12:32:19

November 17, 2010

It was painful and difficult for me to balace the budget without checking some of the tax boxes. And those taxes are going to be mighty painful in a depressed economy.

This illustrates another dange of oversized government: It cannot retrench in hard times without making the times significantly harder. Whereas a small government can cut back in hard times without making that much difference in the overall economy. Some may, of course, regard this characteristic of big government as a feature rather than a bug.

However, even Keynes recognized that government should cut back spending in times of plenty, in order to pay down its debts from the previous round of “stimulus” and to help damp the business cycle. Problem is that that’s never actually happened. Times of plenty seem to invite expensive social experiments, and have since at least the time of Joseph.

Of course, the huge flaw in this whole exercise is that it utterly neglects the second-order consequences of the boxes checked. The revenue raised by adding this or that tax is calculated on the very poor assumption that there will be no change in taxpayer behavior as a result. This is risible.

Mike Fink
November 18, 2010

It ain’t no secret that I larned Ryan and Rivlen everything they knows:


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