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Cut $343000000000 from the Budget

November 01st, 2010 by Mogollon Monster

Slash Budget! Mraaggha!

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November 01st, 2010 09:16:54

November 1, 2010

The ideas in there are mostly good, so far as they go, but until you come to grips with entitlements it’s ignoring the bantha in the living room.

Also, nothing is said about defense. Important as it is to have well-trained gunners and TIE fighter pilots on the Death Star, there has got to be some room for cuts here. I’d advise the Emperor against declaring a Death Star with half its shell incomplete to be “fully armed and operational,” but there is probably room for rational cuts elsewhere.

November 1, 2010

I was going to say that entitlements are the elephant in the room. Since entitlements are not funded, there is _no way_ that the budget can be balanced, let alone paid down, without reworking how entitlements can be limited, either by tieing overall payments to overall receipts, or tieing individual payouts to individual contributions.

Actuarily, the budgetary catastrophe was sealed when entitlements were enacted as open-ended “entitlements” with no connection whatsoever to contributions or overall collections.

Any student of actuarial science learns this in the 1st and 2nd course regarding life insurance, of LOMA, Life Office Management Association. Any other belief is literally a fairy tale.

November 3, 2010

It is not so much that we can’t figure out how to balance the budget, it is just that we lack the spine and balls to do it.

I have more faith in citizen initiatives and propositions to make the hard choices, than I have in our politicians.

Adam G.
November 3, 2010

i also have faith in citizen initiative to tack on unworkable entitlements and spending requirements.

Christie is a great proof of concept that a budget-cutting pol can make hay.

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