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September 27th, 2010 by Vader

The Las Vegas Version:  

Sworn testimony from the inquest:

Coleen Kullberg, a part time Costco employee was leaving the store and saw Scott staring at an officer who told him to get on the ground “at least five times.” She said “he reached behind him and pulled out his gun and aimed it at the officer…at that time the officer shot him.” Kullberg described Scott, just prior to being shot: “He was like dazed. He was just looking at him. He wasn’t obeying any of his commands.”

From the ambulance log:

In the ambulance driver’s report of the incident, written while they were driving back – and this report may not yet be generally available – the paramedics write that THEY REMOVED SCOTT’S GUN FROM HIS WAISTBAND HOLSTER and placed it on the ground.

From a commenter:

Its interesting what posters chose to believe. I don’t believe any cop in America cuffs a suspect then leaves him with a gun in his holster until the EMTs get there.

Can’t disagree with that first part.

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September 27th, 2010 12:18:45
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Ben Pratt
September 28, 2010

If only there were some objective record of the events, for example, I dunno, a video recording. Oh, wait, there is, but one of the parties in the events seized it and then pinky-swore that it doesn’t show anything.

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