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Obama administration bravely defends freedom of expression

July 01st, 2010 by Vader

Of New Black Panther Party members to wear military uniforms and brandish nightsticks in front of a polling place.

His Majesty is mildly surprised they were clever enough to come up with a First Amendment excuse for dropping an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation. However, as is too often the case, the Obama Administration went with half measures and is going to hurt as a result.

They should have immediately fired the lawyers pressing the case, instead of leaving them in a position to voluntarily resign and then go to the press. Then Democratic operatives could have dismissed the lawyers as disgruntled ex-employees with an axe to grind. Their failure to protect the First Amendment rights of a minority community activist group would have provided sufficiently plausible grounds for firing, for those who wish to believe.

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July 01st, 2010 08:22:41
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July 4, 2010

Interesting how silent the national media has been on the whole affair.

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