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The trouble with education

June 09th, 2010 by Vader

The Derb fingers an unlikely culprit.

Stupid and lazy students.

No, really. The argument isn’t that atrocious inner-city schools are actually just fine; it’s that the demand for decent education in the inner cities is so meager that the inner-city schools can get away with being atrocious.

I think it would be splendid if every human was capable and desirous of a well-rounded college education. But then I think it would be splendid if every human embraced the restored Gospel. I’m beginning to think government can no more force the former than the latter on an unwilling population, and it is just as wicked to try.

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June 09th, 2010 15:28:21

June 10, 2010

The Bell Curve shows that half of all kids are below the normal IQ. Doesn’t that suggest we need to send at least half the kids to trade schools instead of college?

Of course, the Bell Curve does not apply in Lake Wobegon nor with Utopian Democrats.

Wm Morris
June 10, 2010

Trade schools these days (or at least the good ones — such as the one I work for) often require a level of math and written and verbal communication skills and a strong work ethic that kids of any IQ, suburban or urban, often have a hard time meeting.

In addition, I’d argue the high IQ kids would be much better managers and professionals if they had some applied education under their belt, especially the biz school grads.

June 10, 2010

I am also deeply unimpressed with business school graduates. In any case, I believe it is not “school of businessmen” but “haggle of businessmen.”

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