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The myths of Chernobyl

April 29th, 2010 by Vader

From Spiked:    

‘My opinion on nuclear has flipped from anti to pro. The question I ask myself now is, “What took me so long?” I could have looked into the realities of nuclear power many years earlier, if I weren’t so lazy.’

Perhaps we can find new ways to motivate them.

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April 29th, 2010 07:53:18

John Mansfield
April 29, 2010

I was reading this week about the UPPU Club. UPPU means “you pee plutonium.” This was a group of 26 people from Los Alamos’ early days who received PU intake and were monitored for the next 50 years. The death and cancer rate of this group were below average. Plutonium is hazardous stuff, but not to the “one speck and you die” level we popularly think.

John Mansfield
April 29, 2010

From Ted Magel, who with Nick Dallas, produced the first macroscopic samples of plutonium metal:

“Within weeks of making the first 1-gram button, I had an incident in which I was working in a dry box scrapping slag from another of those 1-gram buttons, and the needle I was using slipped, went through the rubber glove, and embedded in my finger. . . . I could see some black stuff in my finger. OK, I thought that’s plutonium. . . . We went to the hospital and they thought they had cut it all out, but hadn’t—I still have some plutonium in one finger.”

. . .

“I can’t speak for all the UPPU members, but in 1971, they decided to bring all 26 of us back to Los Alamos to do complete physical exams and to get whole body counts, urine counts, x-rays, and blood work. They were using the urine data to measure the long-time excretion rate of plutonium compared to the amount retained. They’re still collectin basic chemical and medical information on the rate at which the body rids itself of plutonium once there is an uptake.

“They’ve also worked very hard to measure the amount in our lungs and to monitor our lung performance. They were looking for any effect that might confirm or dispute the news media claim tha one speck of plutonium will kill the population of the Earth. The media keeps writing that story over and over to the point that I get very, very, mad. I’ve been after George Voelz to write an article and stop this nonsense. Sure it is a hazardous material, but there are at least 26 of us who’ve been carrying it around for decades, and eighteen of us who, after fifty years, are still healthy and just getting older.”

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