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The Laws of Physics and the Comprehensibility of God

March 09th, 2010 by Bruce Nielson

My latest post at M* considers the possible ramifications of God being comprehensible. Here is a preview:

Is that a laudable goal, to try to comprehend God? Is God even comprehensible? Please note, I do not mean to ask if God is comprehensible to current mortal man. No, I am asking if God is comprehensible at all.

What does it mean to comprehend something? Try to define that for yourself for a moment to get a feel for the difficulty in doing so.

I would like to propose a fairly simple definition for your consideration. I propose that “to comprehend” something is merely the ability to describe it in terms of the laws the govern it — to algorithmically compress it, if you will. If we comprehend how the world goes around the sun, this surely must mean we understand the laws of physics that cause it to do so. Therefore comprehensibility is equivalent to explanation and description.

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March 09th, 2010 09:58:54
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