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The Lynchpin: The Doctrine of Divine Investiture

February 15th, 2010 by Bruce Nielson

I have made a post over at Millennial Star about the Doctrine of Divine Investiture. Here is a preview:

Unfortunately Divine Investiture just doesn’t get the due it deserves. It is usually only trotted out to explain certain scriptures and then not mentioned again until we come to the next scripture that requires it. As such, some people have entirely discounted it as part of the doctrines of the LDS Church. They see it merely as an excuse to ignore or “figure-atize” scriptures that just don’t play well with Mormon’s (supposedly) otherwise Tritheistic doctrines.

But if Divine Investiture is a doctrine of the Church — and we can’t deny that it is — and if our scriptures do indeed insist upon it, then the question we should be asking is “What is to be learned from this doctrine?”

Put another way, if the sole purpose of Divine Investiture is to explain away verses that teach nothing worthy of note, then the correct solution is to not have (or discount) those scriptures in the first place. But if those verses are in fact teaching something important in the doctrine of Divine Investiture, then we should take notice of them and seek what their message is.

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