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Its a Wonderful Life

December 04th, 2009 by G.

Its not secret that we’re crazy about Christmas around here. So, naturally, we’re crazy about Its a Wonderful Life too. Don’t miss this Joseph Carter essay about it.

Here’s a taste:

Every Christmas audiences flatter themselves by believing the message of Wonderful Life is that their own lives are just as worthy, just as noble, just as wonderful‚ as the life of George Bailey. Despite the fact that they left their smalltown communities for the city, put their parents in an assisted living facility and don’t know the names of their next door neighbors, they truly believe that they are just like Capra’s hero.)

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December 04th, 2009 11:06:02

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December 4, 2009

I shocked a girlfriend once by lamenting that we’re not the men our fathers were.

Of course, my fathers were microscopic symbiotic life forms, so that just goes without saying.

But leaving that aside; Notwithstanding my selfless service in government, I have a hard time finding anything unusually worthy or noble in my life with which to feel smug. Quite the contrary. (It was all Takin’s fault — the man was insane.)

I have little impatience with populists, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that small town life is a lot more ennobling than Edgar Lee Masters portrayed.

I keep a domicile on a nice planet far from Coruscant where I actually know the names of most of my neighbors. While I wouldn’t say we spend a lot of time together (it’s understandable that they would be uncertain what to serve at dinner), I’ve been in most of their homes in a social capacity, and I haven’t choked the living sin out of any of them.

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