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A prayer for making love

September 02nd, 2009 by Vader

This sounds like a bad parody of Jack Weyland, but it seems to be for real.

Catholic bishops in England are promulgating a prayer for Catholic couples to utter before making love.

I really can’t think of anything wrong with the idea. it sounds like something we all ought to be doing.

So why does it come across as strange? Maybe you married folks are already doing it, and it only seems strange to me because I’m not presently sexually active?

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September 02nd, 2009 10:04:20

September 2, 2009

I prefer not to.

September 2, 2009

Someone alert FMH!

September 3, 2009

A Catholic bishop telling people what to pray before sex is like an anorectic praying before dinner.

Adam G.
September 3, 2009

At least in theory, MIWH, and, let us hope, in practice too.

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