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Pioneer Day

July 24th, 2009 by G.

Still living in the shade of the trees they planted.

I’m off to help the scouts raise the flag at church, so I’ll just put up a few links and pictures. Please put yours and your reflections in the comments.

The NYT on the Mormon Trail, with pictures (Kate Mitchell and Michelle Knowling are the bees’ knees).

Saving Old Chapels


If anyone knows where I can find a recording of “Can I Leave Thee?”, please let me know.


Times and Seasons
Reflections on the Mormon Trail
Pioneer Reenactments
Pioneer Day 2008
Keepapitchin’ In
Shelter in the Shade of Planted Trees
My Pioneer Ancestors
The Real Handcart Song
Pioneer Children (one of my favorites)
The Mountains of Ephraim
Wanted: Mormon Folk Songs
The Problems of Mormon-American Toryism (a favorite of mine, by Nate Oman)
Deseret and Federalism
Hives and Honeybees
If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem
(another favorite)
How to be an American and a Mormon
Searching for a Sense of Place in Virginia
Carl and Mathilda
On the left: pioneer ancestors and the International Church
Colonel Kane, Righteous Gentile (a favorite from Matt Grow)

Millennial Star

The Weight of Heritage

By Common Consent

Pioneer Day

Why I Like Flag Raising, Even at Church

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