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T Equals Time

June 25th, 2009 by GST

Our friend Matsby can’t stop thinking about time travel.  He runs the premier blog resource on the subject, T Equals Time.  Check it.

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June 25th, 2009 13:03:22

June 26, 2009

Oh hey. Thanks for the shout out.

Not a lot of comments here. I guess that’s the overall reaction I generally get from my interest in time travel… that I am the only one.

Adam G.
June 27, 2009

Well, your grandfather too, who’s worried you’re going to shoot him.

Ben Pratt
June 28, 2009

Sorry. After the thread on Open Theism over at New Cool Thang I’m pretty much convinced me that time travel is incompatible with my metaphysical views. If the future is open for me this instant, and the past is closed, then if I traveled back in time I would be unable to change anything, or even act in any way, because the future from that point of view would be closed.

I can’t believe in that sort of time travel, simply because it would be super boring.

June 28, 2009

I believe causality is a great blessing.

From a theological standpoint, I think a form of causality exists even in the timelessness we call eternity.

June 29, 2009

I believe that time not being linear fits into the way God works. And perhaps this is how man is able to see visions or glimpse the future. Because how can you see something if it’s not actually happening? Perhaps it is God allowing you to see things in another point in time – not magically, but through the use of physics.

And how does God know what is going to happen if it hasn’t happened? – Maybe it has, but time isn’t a straight line. Maybe God can see past present and future – not magically – but actually physically.

Maybe it would be impossible for humans to travel back in time to change anything, but it is a fact that we can move forward in time (second by second). And it is doctrine that God’s time is different than our time – 100 years/ 1 day. And what is forward time travel if not moving forward in time at a different rate than the rest of the world?

And if God and Jesus are in another point in space (by Kolob) and they come to visit us, it would make sense that they (their physical bodies) are traveling from point A to point B by some kind of means – again, I don’t believe in magic – so a porthole? And are they limited as to when they can come here?

June 29, 2009

I am not really smart and I don’t understand a lot, but to my logic I do not think God is just making an educated guess about the future.

And I don’t believe in a strict causality that limits God’s intervention. If God can answer prayers and intervene in our lives changing the course of events, then I don’t believe that events are fixed and unchangeable. Though perhaps they are to US right now.

Ben Pratt
June 29, 2009

Cool. I sometimes hope I’m wrong about time travel, mostly because I grew up on Back to the Future, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and LOST (yep, I’m still growing up!), and those guys did time travel in pretty cool ways.

Well, except for Star Trek. They just sort of made it up as they went.

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