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April 29th, 2009 by GST

Speaking of chess, here’s one of my favorite chess videos:

What I like is the look that Mikhail Tal, the “Wizard of Riga,” gives young Fischer as they settle down over the board.  Priceless.

The video, of course, doesn’t tell the full story.  Tal had an immense respect for Fischer, obviously, calling him the “greatest genius to descend from the chess heavens.”

Famous photo of Fischer visiting Tal when hospitalized in during tournament in Curaçao.

Famous photo of Fischer visiting Tal when hospitalized during tournament in Curaçao.

Tal also defended Fischer, to a degree, against charges of unsportsman-like conduct.  “It is also important to remember that Bobby Fischer was a real chess gentleman during games. He was always very fair and very correct.”  During games.

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April 29th, 2009 17:52:32
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John Sabotta
April 30, 2009

“Before letting go he looked down. Some kind of hasty preparations were under way there: the window reflections gathered together and leveled themselves out, the whole chasm was seen to divide into dark and pale squares, and at the instant when Luzhin unclenched his hand, he saw exactly what kind of eternity was obligingly and inexorably spread out before him.”

– from THE DEFENSE, by Vladimir Nabokov.

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